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Blessing of the Animals

Jan 1

Naomi Fay

Imagine dozens of companion animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rodents, plus 200 rescued farm animals, all in one location on one day and you have our 2012 BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS.

Bring the kitty

WFAS celebrates World Farm Animal Day, St. Francis of Assisi Day, as well as Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday. This year our celebration will be held on Sunday, September 30th, at 2pm. This is the one day we welcome well-behaved companion animals like dogs and cats (on leashes or in carriers, please). 

Interfaith Minister Naomi Fay of Ceremonies of Light and Love will be officiating the ceremony with some inspirational words.

WFAS Jenny Brown will speak about the connection of farm animals to all the other animals on the planet… and we’ll have music by:


Prana, who sing as a group in their unique overtone style, creating beautiful rising harmonies, shimmering vocal textures, and high arcing melodies.

Robin Gager, who, when she’s not rocking out for the cows, is writing cookbooks. 

and iGen, composed of the Rev. Dr. George M. Garin, Jr. and his musical ensemble from the Christ Church United Methodist in Troy.

There will be refreshments, and plenty of face time with all the farm residents (although dogs who are freaked out by farm animals may need to take a “time out”).

Feel free to bring an item or a photo of a departed friend(s).  

EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE (We have a tent).
See our VISIT PAGE for directions.

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