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Brooklyn Chicken Rescue

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Collaborative rescue saves hundreds of abandoned chickens in Brooklyn, NY

Suspect arrested and charged with 307 counts of animal cruelty

In mid-October 2005, hundreds of chickens were seized from a flooded lot in Brooklyn, NY, living in small stacked cages above many who had drowned. They had gone 4 to 5 days without food and many were just barely hanging on to life. The ASPCA and staff members of Satya Magazine transported the birds upstate to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, where Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary joined them and helped administer food, water, warmth, medical attention and — for the first time in these birds’ lives — the touch of a kind hand.

These unsold “broiler” (meat) chickens had been left to die in their small crammed cages in the pouring rain after being discarded by vendors following the observance of the ancient Jewish kaparot rite during Yom Kippur. Severe rain flooded the area and dozens drowned in their cages.

Most of the rehabilitated chickens have been already adopted out to other sanctuaries and loving homes, and WFS will be keeping about 40 in a newly-installed coop. Many thanks to Catskill Animal Sanctuary for providing emergency shelter during the difficult weeks of treatment and rehabilitation!

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary depends on charitable donations to rescue and care for farm animals in need. Their lives depend on it, so please support our work!

Click here to read more about “broiler” chickens.

BEFORE: All the birds were found crammed in tiny plastic cages.

BEFORE: All the birds were found crammed in tiny plastic cages.

sheila chickens

AFTER: A somewhat more hospitable environment with volunteer Sheila Hyslop.

nice brooklyn


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