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Help Colin and Woody and be listed on a plaque in their honor

To thank those who are helping Colin and Woody, we will be putting up a plaque in the cow barn that features the names of those who donate $500 or more towards their care.

The plaque will read:

In honor of Colin and Woody
and in memory of Gershwin
and the millions of babies who we will never know

We could not have saved Colin and Woody without you, and now we need your help to care for them. We got hit with a vet bill of nearly $5,000 and each feeding is $30, so costs are adding up quickly.

But these two are worth it.

Please help Colin and Woody today with a gift of $500 or more and we will list your name (or the name of any animal or human you want to honor). We are truly so grateful.

Any gift makes a difference. Every minute we spend with them, we fall more in love and we are so grateful TO YOU for saving their lives.