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Ceasar Returns Home from Cornell

Friday, July 13, 2018

Caesar, one of our male Holstein cows, had to make a recent hospital visit to Cornell Veterinary School for a chronic limp that had gotten worse. After spending a few days there, Caesar is now back home with his friends and on a higher dose of pain medication for his arthritis and treatment for other hoof problems. As an eight-year-old bovine, Caesar shouldn’t be having these problems. But he spent the first five years of his life in the small, dirty pen of a petting zoo. Because he didn’t have enough room to roam and had to stand for hours each day on ground that had become hard and impacted, Caesar now suffers the consequences of such conditions.

After coming to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary three years ago, Caesar has much improved with treatment, and free, soft space to roam, graze, and sleep. And even after his harsh beginning, Caesar remains one of our sweetest cows.

Please remember Caesar when you think of visiting a petting zoo. They often keep their animals in negligent conditions, giving animals no respite from noise and human attention. They also usually prefer young animals and when the animals grow too large or grow grumpy from constant human interaction, they are sold at auction and usually bought for slaughter. As a matter of fact, as a male Holstein cow, Caesar was likely bought at an auction as a throw-away from the dairy industry. Male calves are useless to the dairy industry and almost always end up at auction for veal, cheap meat, or, in Caesar’s case, to a petting zoo. Many male calves don’t even make it to auction, either being killed outright or left to die.

We are giving Caesar the best of care and love and he is happy here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. But because of his previous neglect, he will not likely be able to live out his entire life span, which could be 20 years or older.

We’re so happy to have Caesar home and see him hanging out with his best friend Mikey.

Hervé Breuil
Shelter Director


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