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Consider the Egg

Why Consider the Egg 

We have around 200 rescued chickens at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, many of them are hens from the egg industry. When we tell their stories we learn again and again that people truly don’t know the basic facts about what happens to chickens in order for humans to eat their eggs.  

“I had no idea.”  

“Why don’t we know about this?” 

“I never knew that.” 

So we tell the stories.  And we introduce people to chickens who are all so unique – silly, weird, smart, aloof, engaging, stubborn, funny… all individuals. Visitors fall in love with chickens at sanctuaries. Once you have that experience, you will never not Consider the Egg. 

So much of our time and resources are spent caring for hens that are survivors of egg farms as well. Even those hens who were not raised on a commercial farm suffer so much from the way they were overbred to lay egg after egg after egg.  

It’s such a cruel and exploitative system that these amazing birds are in – and it’s not considered abuse, it’s just common business practices. Every day here is a struggle to keep hens happy and comfortable. It’s incredibly heartbreaking—and it’s because of the egg industry. 

What gives us hope is that the average person truly doesn’t know these facts and they don’t know chickens.  

So this year we are going to focus a lot of our advocacy on changing that! We know we make an impact to all the thousands of people who visit every year and meet chickens but we can also get in front of tens of millions via coordinated social media, press and marketing, and street actions.  

Today we launch Consider the Egg. Over 300 million hens are suffering in egg farms just in the United States alone right now and we need to do whatever we can, together, to help them. 

What you can do:  

Go to and sign up to get an advocacy sticker  

Stop consuming eggs today and join us in our boycott of the egg industry (DM or email us if you need help!) 

Share the website and answer questions your friends may have or send them our way! 

Follow us on all social media channels and share the actions, graphics, resources, etc, we will be sharing 

Attend a street action if you live in the Hudson Valley or NYC!  

…and stay tuned.