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Colin and Woody are two Holstein calves who were born in May on a large-scale dairy farm. Like ALL male dairy calves, Colin and Woody were taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, so that the milk meant for them can be used for human consumption.

Because boy calves don’t produce milk, they are useless to the dairy industry. If they weren’t rescued, Colin and Woody would have been sold as cheap meat or veal. That is, if they had survived the trip to auction. At the farm where they came from, 25% of baby boys die before they can ever be sold because they aren’t being fed or cared for by their mothers.

Dairy is devastating.
Dairy is devastating for calves.
Dairy is devastating for their mothers.

There is no avoiding the above dairy truth. This cruelty happens at every dairy farm in this country, big or small. There’s only one way to prevent these families from being separated and more calves from being killed or just allowed to suffer and die.

Sign this pledge to help baby cows just like Colin and Woody now. Your decision will make all the difference to help end dairy devastation.

Your pledge is going to save so many lives.

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