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For the Monarch

There are a multitude of tragedies due to the climate emergency every day. That’s hard to conceive of, isn’t it? While we move through the world and try to keep focused on our work, families, and the day-to-day, the world around us continues to warm. Every day, lush corals recede, a penguin can’t hunt on the ice for krill, and a monarch fails and dies on her long migration because it’s too hot. We can’t hold all these tragedies in our mind at once though. So, in a time of constant worry, the climate emergency is often the worry that we put away for later. But we have a very short time frame to alter our course before we’ve reached a 2.7 degree-Fahrenheit global increase above pre-industrial levels (circa the 1850s). A rise of global temps above that point is seen as the point of catastrophe..

TRULY, we must think of that monarch every day and fight for her as if she was in front of us.

At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we are calling for people to eliminate animal consumption, boycott animal agribusiness, and join in fights to stop corporations and governments from perpetrating this harm. Farmed animals are living beings who are mass produced, exploited, and tortured as if they were objects on an assembly line. Farming them is not only unethical, but it’s also an environmental disaster due to deforestation, land use, water pollution, and emissions.

At this point in time, with all we know–continuing to eat farmed animals is climate change denial. Continuing to eat farmed animals when you have access to alternatives, is hastening all those small tragedies and bringing forth larger ones.

We must stop corporations from causing this outright harm… and we must stop our governments from bolstering industries like nonrenewable energy and animal agribusiness with lax policies, subsidies, and lack of oversight and regulation.

Join us in boycotting animal agribusiness and holding our government accountable by compelling immediate and lasting change for animals, humans, and the planet. This Earth Day, we pledge to do more with our education work, fight animal agriculture more directly, and join in more collations and collaborations to fight the biggest contributors to our climate emergency.

Please join us, stay tuned, and let’s fight for the monarch, the penguin, the coral, the cows, the sheep, and all of us.