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Holiday Fundraising Goal Met

Friday, January 06, 2012

Joey is happy he'll have an ample supply of hay this winter!

With the highest hay and straw prices in history looming (Thanks, hurricane Irene!), we are so pleased to announce that our goal to raise $100,000 in the final five weeks of 2011 was reached — and exceeded.  Thank you so much to donors large and small, you’ve really made a difference!  We felt like James Stewart at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life with all the last-minute donations that came in, which totaled $118k!

Another bit of good news is our anonymous donor has offered to match not only the first $100k, but all the funds raised beyond that, so $236k has been raised in total.  With an operating budget over $600k, these vital funds will help us get through the cruel and expensive winter.

Thanks again to all who participated, and we hope to see you here at the Sanctuary when we re-open in April!


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