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Hours and FAQs

2021 update: For the safety of the 380+ rescued farmed animal residents at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and our hardworking staff — and continuing to be mindful of public health for all — WE WILL REMAIN CLOSED INTO 2021 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are taking proactive steps to be prepared in all directions with the current events at hand. Thank you for understanding.


Are you going to open in 2021?

  • Woodstock Sanctuary is currently not open for 2021 and will continue to share month-by-month updates on this status. We are putting the health and safety of the animals and staff first as the state begins to reopen. While we miss our weekend visitors, we ask that the public respects this decision.

I don’t need a tour. Can I come and walk around by myself with a mask on?

  • Out of care for the entire staff and the animals, we are limiting people on site. It’s a risk in exposing our staff to the virus, as it is spread through airborne droplets and remains contagious on surfaces. Therefore, we are offering digital tours via Zoom, and going live on social media throughout the week to keep our community and supporters connected with the rescued residents.

When will The Gray Barn reopen?

What will happen to my Gray Barn reservation?

  • Our Hospitality Manager Leigh will be in touch with all people who have made a reservation if they are in the month of expected closure. Those who made a reservation will have the option to reschedule, donate the stay’s cost to the organization, or get a refund. Please email Leigh with any questions at

Are you going to open at all this season?

  • Woodstock Sanctuary is closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 cases. Considering we are a destination for New York City visitors as well as the surrounding Tri-State area, we are choosing to be very careful with the decision as when to open. We miss our visitors, inn guests, and volunteers, but must remain proactive.
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Can I volunteer?

  • Woodstock Sanctuary’s volunteer program continues to be on hiatus until the organization reopens to the public in full. Please continue to check our Volunteer Page for updates. Thank you for wanting to volunteer!

Is your internship program active?

  • Woodstock Sanctuary’s internship program is currently open to accepting animal caregiving internships. Those interested in applying must adhere to the quarantine protocol in place, find more information on our Intership page.
Visitor FAQ:

Q: Do I need to make a reservation to visit?

A:  We will be closed until further notice. We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Q: Does it cost anything to visit?

A: We are a nonprofit and admission is a suggested donation of $10 adults, $5 kids. Toddlers and members are “free.”  Please visit our Admission page for a list format.

Q: Is it required to take a tour?

A: It’s highly recommended but not mandatory. For your safety and the animals’ you will not be able to enter the pens and pastures without a guide. There is no fee for a tour, and you do not have to register in advance.  Just be at the Visitor Center 10 minutes prior to tour time so you have time to sign in and use the bathroom.

Q: How long are the tours?

A: They generally run about 1 hour.

Q: What do the tours consist of?

A: You will be taken from species to species and enter the pastures and yards with many of the animals. We’ll tell you their stories, including where they came from before, how they were rescued, and who they have become since. Woodstock Sanctuary has a strong educational mission and during the tours we are very frank and don’t sugar-coat the realities of modern animal agriculture.

Q: Are the tours child-friendly, or do you have special kid tours?

A visit to the sanctuary is appropriate for children. They will get to meet all sorts of animals, and many enjoy being touched or scratched. The sanctuary is an environment of respect and compassion and there are no graphic pictures. We do discuss in detail where these animals and those just like them originally came from, and we do not shy away from pointing out that a pig like Olive would have been the source of bacon and ham.

Q: What if I miss the beginning of a tour?

A: We have four tour times per day on the hour at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm, please arrive with plenty of time to find the Visitor Center and use the bathroom prior to the start of the tour.  If you miss the start of the tour, you can enjoy a vegan snack or shop at our Visitor’s Center while you wait for the next tour.  Please do not join a tour already in progress because safety instructions are given during the introduction and the size of the tour at the start determines how many staff members will be assigned for safety reasons.

Q: Why doesn’t your address of “2 Rescue Road, High Falls, NY 12440” show up on my GPS?

A: Try using “6 Epworth Lane, High Falls, Ny 12440” instead.  We changed the road name when we moved to this location and not all of the GPS programs have caught up yet.

Q: Where can I find directions?

A: Please click on the Visit tab on our menu above and then click on Directions.

Q: Can I feed the animals?

A: Many of our animals are on special diets, so please do not feed any food to the animals at the sanctuary.  Some of the animals may receive specific snacks on the tour (provided by staff) after a daily evaluation by our Shelter Director and caregiving team.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: For the safety and comfort of both our nearly 400 rescued animals and your dog, dogs are not allowed on sanctuary grounds.  Registered service animals are the only exception to this rule.

Registered animals must be kept on-leash at all times and are prohibited from entering animal enclosures. We reserve our right to ask even registered animals be removed from the property if they are being aggressive towards our rescued residents, or other guests or staff.

Q: But what if my dog stays in my car and I park in the shade with the A/C running?

A:  Per NYS law you may not leave your dog in your vehicle and this includes with engine on and the A/C running because in NYS it is also illegal to leave an unattended car’s engine running.

Q: I’m from out of town; is there any way that I can come during the week?

A: If you can only come during the week, please click on the Join tab on our menu above and then click Volunteer.  We need volunteers all year round and that is a great way to visit while we are closed to visitors.

Q: Do you have overnight accommodations?

A: As of April 2019, The Gray Barn is open and available to book for stays! Check out our Overnight Accommodations page for information about other local options as well.

Q: Will there be vegan food and drinks available for purchase?

A: Yes! There are vegan snacks available in our Visitor’s Center.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Yes, but please do not include meat, eggs, dairy, or animal by-products out of respect for the rescued residents, staff, and fellow visitors. You may be asked to put your food back in the car for consumption elsewhere if it does not meet these criteria.

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Visitors make friends with Panther, Marty, and other rescued chickens!


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