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Jeff Mangum Benefit for WFAS

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jeff Mangum

On October 27th singer/songwriter Jeff Mangum — the creative force behind Neutral Milk Hotel — graced an enthralled crowd of excited fans with a super-intimate performance benefiting the Sanctuary.  This was one of the first in a series of shows ending Jeff’s decade-long haitus.  Jeff and the fans were great, and a highlight of the night was when Jeff performed part of his encore off the stage and in the middle of the audience, unamplified and accompanied by Julian Koster on the musical saw. Jeff also invited Jenny to stand up on stage and talk about our work for farm animals and mission and we made lots of new friends at our WFAS table set up in the lobby.

We’re profoundly honored that Jeff and his wife, filmmaker Astra Taylor, both vegan and wonderful supporters of WFAS, contacted us with this incredibly generous proposal, one that netted over $16,500! Hoo-RAY!

The following day Jeff, Astra and family members all came out to the farm and spent a few hours visiting the animals they helped.



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