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Jenny Brown Speaks at World Peace & Yoga Jubilee

Jan 1

2011 World Peace & Yoga Jubilee, Loveland, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati)

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An international gathering of peacemakers coming from all over the globe!

Jenny will be speaking at a plenary and classroom workshop on animal advocacy topics:

A Voice for the Voiceless: the work of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (plenary)

Eating animal products is sanctioned by the legal structure of our society and is rarely questioned by most people. In our search for true peace and our practice of ahimsa, many continue to leave animals out of the equation–especially farm animals and fish. The ethical questioning of the treatment of these beings has lagged far behind other issues for far too long. Sanctuaries have the unique opportunity to bridge that gap by placing people face to face with animals they only know as food while learning how billions of others just like them live and die every day at our hands–and how by adopting a vegan diet, one can stop participating in the violence and oppression of other living beings. This is my life’s work.

Peace begins on your plate: Why farm animals matter in our quest for peace (75 minute talk)

It’s time to pay attention if we are to progress as a peaceful, moral society or as a sustainable planet. People are becoming increasingly aware that animals raised today for food are terribly mistreated.As a peace movement, and to find peace within one’s self, we need to not only leaving animals out of our diet but also raise our voices against the cruel, systematic deaths of billions of animals and the lifelong deprivation of absolutely everything that makes life worth living to them. Learn the facts about what is happening to our fellow beings in the meat and dairy industries. We’ll also discuss some effective tools you can put into practice when advocating on behalf of farmed animals, including how to answer the tough and commonly asked questions. Come be inspired! Become a voice for farmed animals–the most exploited and abused beings on the planet.

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