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Animal Caregiving Shelter Intern

Animal Caregiving Shelter Intern

The Shelter Team is responsible for the daily care of the 350+ rescued animals living at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Animal Caregiving Interns are a vital part of the daily functioning of the sanctuary, and we could not do the work that we do without their help. Although responsibilities vary depending on the seasons and needs of the shelter, below is what is typically expected all year round from our Animal Caregiving Interns.

Responsibilities & Duties:

• Feeding out hay to the goats, sheep, and rabbits
• Cleaning cages
• Making supplement treats for the pigs, cows, and chickens
• Cleaning water bowls and troughs, and replenishing them with fresh water
• Collecting eggs to be composted
• Mucking and cleaning out barns, coops, and pens
• Doing laundry
• Supporting staff during health checks and treatments, when needed
• Observing animal behavior and getting to know each animal as an individual
• Washing dishes
• Assisting with farm errands like supply runs, picking up produce, and vet transports, when needed
• Taking out garbage and recycling
• Unloading hay deliveries


• Willing and able to perform all responsibilities and duties
• Ability to maintain a positive and respectful attitude
• Strong team player while having the ability to work independently
• Capable of working in harsh/all weather conditions
• Reliable and hard working
• Ability to perform strenuous physical labor, and consistently lifting at least 50 pounds unassisted
• No previous animal experience necessary