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June Jamboree

Jan 1

This event is so popular we've made it two days long!

Please join us on Sunday 13th from 11a – 5p

Rain or Shine — we've got tents!


FOOD! Fabulously inventive food by Ella Nemcova of NYC's The Regal VeganExperience her Curried Tofu "Egg" Salad,Quinoa Black Bean Chimmichurri, Dijon Potatos, Dehydrated Onion Rings. Plus Grilled Corn on the cob with Chipotle Lime "Butter" AND MORE!

B.Y.O. utensils and plates

FREE THEATER – 1PM SUN (MAY BE DELAYED UNTIL 2PM IN CASE OF RAIN)  Featuring the Hudson Valley's own Arm of the Sea Mask and Puppet theater troupe performing their legendary Turtle Island Medicine Show (Sunday only!!). The show is an environmental parable and suitable for kids and adults too. You are encouraged to bring your own seating, blankets, etc. for the show!

MUSIC – 1PM SAT  Original Good with James Mongan will orient the farm's vibrations properly with their roots n' reggae jam. James has performed at many of our events, so don't be surprised if you see the turkeys sportin' dreads.
MUSIC – 2PM SAT   Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My FlowerWell known as part of the group Ida and more recently Ziggy Marley's band, Elizabeth and her husband/partner Dan Littleton have made a series of childrens CD's that are unusual in that adults can actually enjoy them!
MUSIC – 3PM SAT   Cutleri is an all-female trio from Brooklyn, NY, who play a blend of experimental and folk music. Cutleri is very chameleon-like, and these ladies have also been known to veer off into sea shanties, chamber music, and raucous rhythms.
MUSIC – 4PM SAT   Not Waving But Drowning – Pinky Weitzman met Mason Brown while fighting over the last known phonofiddle tuning peg at a dusty antiquities market in Damascus. A scuffle broke out, blood was drawn, visas were cancelled, and a lifelong musical bond was forged. What's not to like?
MUSIC – 3PM SUN   Mystic Ritual's roots go back to Hoboken, N.J. in the early 1990s. This quartet performed around the NYC area at clubs such as the Knitting Factory, The Elbow Room, McGovern's, Maxwell's, etc.  Members moved to Woodstock in 2003, and recently they performed in the Woodstock area and recorded a new CD.

They'll be plenty of kid-friendly activities like crafts and the ever-popular Bouncey House, a pottery and art sale, and, of course, time to cavort with the chickens, play with the pigs, and generally kvell at all the rescued souls.

Admission is $10 adults, kids under 12 and members free — become a member on the spot and you can apply it towards admission!

Click For Directions.  Even the car-challenged can come, as the Adirondack Trailways bus will drop you off right at the farm.

You are encouraged to bring your own plates and utensils, every little gesture goes a long way towards saving the environment for future generations.


Coconut Bliss

Made from a base of naturally rich coconut milk and sweetened with agave syrup, Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss is certified organic, 100% vegan, kosher pareve, and made with certified fair trade ingredients.

Made with 70% real fruit juice and no refined sugars or artificial ingredients.

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Dandies Air Puffed Marshmallows

Less sweet than typical flavored sodas, GuS has distinctive, dry flavors for discriminating taste buds