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Kayli is a Music Video Star

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our friend Ed Barocas was so inspired by his visit to the Sanctuary, which inspired him to become vegan, and the story of Kayli the cow’s amazing escape from a Philadelphia-area slaughterhouse, that he commissioned an animator to create visuals and  worked with his collaborator Kevin Ray Clark to create a catchy song.

See it yourself here:

[youtube width=500px]Tl5zHzV7cQM[/youtube]

Ed wrote to us, “Kayli is a spunky, fun-loving and inspiring cow that I thought deserved a spunky, fun-loving, and inspiring song and music video. And while animal-rights is a serious issue, one way to best bring it to the consciousness of the general public is through use of music or humor.”

Thanks Ed!


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