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Clyde Rooster_IMG_3448

Clyde came to us as so many chickens do: a call from a good Samaritan. In this case—someone found him in rough shape on the streets of New York City.

Clyde Rooster Driving IMG_3712

Clyde driving stick.

Slaughterhouses in the metro area are a common thing, many of them storefront “live kill” markets. Sometimes animals manage to escape, either during transport or from the slaughterhouse. They are also sometimes purchased for use in religious rituals and then discarded. We don’t know Clyde’s exact story, of course, but a big piece of his comb (the red fleshy bit surrounding the head) appeared to have been cut off.

It only took Clyde a hot minute to decide he was in charge. He recovered quickly and then took it upon himself to patrol the outside of the Animal Treatment Center and greet all who arrive. In the video below, watch as Clyde welcomes one of his favorite volunteers Bree Sharp!

As you can see, he is amenable to hugs (on his own terms, of course) and has become quite the Cyde-Hug_IMG_5145-768x683goofball, earning him the nickname “Clyde the Character” around the Sanctuary. He was even the subject of an article on One Green Planet.

Clyde is just another example of how all animals have unique personalities and should be treated with the same kindness and compassion as those we would call pets.


In this video you can see some classic Clyde ‘tude.

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