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Panther enjoys all seasons at the sanctuary

Panther enjoys all seasons at the sanctuary

We received a frantic e-mail from a supporter and friend, Chloé Jo Davis, who had just learned that her son’s school was doing a chick-hatching project in class. As often happens, the school didn’t secure a safe home afterwards for the young chicks, who need life-long care and a commitment to their well-being.


Panther & Fred first arrive at the Sanctuary.

We were able to accept the chicks, Panther and Freedom (aka Fred), but most aren’t so lucky—they end up abandoned or sent back to the supplying hatchery or farm, where they are then killed. Hatching projects do not teach good lessons or most importantly, compassion.

As they became older, Fred was moved to the duck coops, while Panther stays in with the chickens and looks after the lovely hen ladies.