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Colin and Woody

Colin and Woody were rescued from a large-scale dairy farm in Upstate, New York in early of May 2018.

Like all male dairy calves, Colin and Woody were taken away from their moms shortly after birth so that the milk meant for them could be taken for human consumption. Because they can’t produce milk, they are sold as cheap meat — that is, if they don’t die first. 25% of the baby boys die before getting to auction because they aren’t being fed or cared for by their mothers.

But a kind person persuaded this farmer into giving up Colin and Woody.

When we arrived, Colin and Woody were clearly very confused. Standing on wobbly legs with barely enough strength to walk a few feet, they were desperately looking around for their moms. They wouldn’t stand a chance against someone trying to harm them.

When they got to the hospital the vets gave them fluids right away. Woody tested positive for Salmonella and since the two were rescued together, we were concerned that Colin might also carry the dangerous infection. Thankfully we had access to the very best medical care to ensure proper treatment.

Rescuing these two babies is a big undertaking. It’s going to take a lot of time and resources and we’re going to be stretched thin. But that’s what we do — we step up when helpless animals need us most.

Colin and Woody arrived at the Sanctuary on June 1st, 2018, and are now safe after weeks of isolation to heal from Salmonella. They are finally outside in their pasture, growing and thriving. They live with Kayli and Maybelle, who both act as mother figures for the boys as they grow. Maybelle especially, who never got to know her own children, has taken to Colin and Woody, and can often be seen grooming them and just interacting with them. It is a beautiful sight to behold. We are so excited to see them live long, fulfilling lives here at Woodstock Sanctuary.