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Puddles is a handsome all-white Pekin duck who came to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary from a loving family who raised him since the day he was born. Unfortunately, as ducks get older and grow larger, they don’t make great houseguests. Ducks need a lot of space and special care and aren’t typically at the top of a landlord’s list of pets allowed in a housing rental. So, the family wanted himduck-button to find sanctuary and reached out to us.

Puddles is one of our friendliest ducks.

Puddles has quickly acclimated to his new home and is making lots of new duck friends. He’s one of our friendliest ducks—you can easily tell him apart from the others because he’ll always be waiting at the gate quacking at you to come in and say hello! When his human family comes to visit, he recognizes their voices and will come running over to greet them. Puddles is another example of how all animals are individuals, just like your dog or cat, who are deserving of the same love and compassion.