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Benny Goat

Benny was sent away from his family home after the small crime of raiding a flower garden. He was separated from his only two friends when they were sent to a farm that wouldn’t accept Benny goat-buttonbecause he was male. Somehow, Benny ended up at a Greek Orthodox monastery where his fate was to either be eaten by the residents or sold at auction.

Benny PlaygroundA caring stone mason who was working at the monastery intervened in Benny’s fate and reached out to us for help.  We were delighted that we had the room and resources available to take him in. Not only did he quickly become a part of the herd, but he loves humans—and the feeling is mutual! Benny is a total sweetheart, but he is also one of our bigger troublemakers— stealing items hanging out of people’s pockets and raiding food buckets, among countless other shenanigans!