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The call came from Yonkers, NY — a woman thought she heard a cat in heat in her yard. She called us and described a young goat the “size of a small dog.” Small dog indeed!


After what may have been the first proper meal of her life, she fell asleep in our hands.

When former Animal Caregiver Mike Patrick returned from picking up this little gal, we discovered she was less than 3 days old—only 7 pounds—and her residual umbilical cord was still attached. How did she end up in a fenced-in yard in the middle of a residential neighborhood? We’ll never know, but with baby clovergoat considered a delicacy for Easter in many cultures, we suspect she may have been spared by someone from that fate.

Confused and weak from sub-freezing temperatures, she would not take the special “kid saver” milk from a baby bottle. We gave her IV fluids to hydrate
her, and had no choice but to feed her via a tube run down her throat several times a day. We tried every type of animal and baby nipple available, but she just couldn’t figure out how to drink from a bottle. It took her over a week to finally figure out how to suckle.

As fate would have it, some supporters of ours heard about our new arrival and asked if she could be named Clover, after their little
daughter whom they had recently lost during a very pre-term deliery. And so little, lucky Clover now had a name.

June 2016: Clover has grown up happy and healthy at the Sanctuary. She’s even running for President this year!

Clover for President.

Clover for President.

July 2016: Clover recently became a Sanctuary hero when she donated blood for an emergency blood transfusion to three of our ill goats. We learned that Harper, Prince and Stella (Harper’s goat-buttonmom) had become extremely anemic from an internal parasite—so much so that Harper was in danger of not making it through the night if we didn’t take immediate action. Thanks to a blood donation from Clover and Fern, another one of our healthy and calm goats, Harper, Prince and Stella received the blood transfusion they needed and are now recovering. Clover and Fern are feeling great, and we’re so thankful they were able to
save the lives of our friends! Read the full story about the blood transfusion here.

Blood donors Clover (left) and Fern (right)

Blood donors Clover (left) and Fern (right)