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Fern was a goat born at a goat milk and meat facility in upstate New York.  A concerned woman named Lori stopped to have a closer look at all the baby goats she could see from the road.

Fern as a baby (Photo: B.Esposito)

Fern as a baby (By: B.Esposito)

Evidence of neglect was immediately apparent, and one little goat in particular caught her attention. Fern’s back leg was dangling from an obvious break and the tips of her ears were bloody and scabbed from frostbite. When Lori inquired about her leg the farmer shrugged, saying that Fern probably got caught in a fence and it would heal on its own.

Unable to deal with such suffering, Lori convinced the farmer to give Fern up and got her to a vet, who was able to set the leg in a splint. Lori then called us, and we welcomed Fern with open arms. Almost immediately, she made lots of new goat-buttonfriends.

Fern’s leg has healed and she is now enjoying her life of freedom, nurturing care, and all the love she’ll ever need.

July 2016: Fern recently became a Sanctuary hero when she donated blood for an emergency blood transfusion to three of our ill goats. We learned that Harper, Prince and Stella (Harper’s mom) had become extremely anemic from an internal parasite—so much so that Harper was in danger of not making it through the night if we didn’t take immediate action. Thanks to a blood donation from Fern and Clover, another one of our healthy and calm goats, Harper, Prince and Stella received the blood transfusion they needed and are now recovering. Fern and Clover are feeling great, and we’re so thankful they were able to save the lives of our friends! Read the full story here.