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Galaxy came from a goat dairy farm where she was kept constantly pregnant in order to sustain milk production. Her female offspring were turned into dairy goats like their mother and her male offspring were taken away from her and sold to slaughter for meat. Fortunately she was rescued with her baby, Orion, before he was taken and sold. Galaxy and Orion can live together as a family now. Galaxy is a very gentle, older goat. She has a disease that is like arthritis, in her knees and ankles. Her joints are swollen and sometimes painful. Sometimes, she shifts her weight from one leg to the other, to relieve the pain. We give her painkillers and also rub linament oil on her legs every day. If you approach her quietly, she’ll let you pet her and she’ll look up at you with her eyes searching yours. Oftentimes, on a nice day or evening, Galaxy will lay by herself in the pasture, not grazing, just sitting and looking out. It’s almost like she feels the stars waiting behind the blue sky, while she lays on the lush grass of the earth.