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Hallie & Raymond

Day-old Hallie & Raymond

Hallie (brown) and Raymond (white) snuggling a day after they were born

On a bleak Saturday in the Fall of 2015, multiple sanctuaries rescued over 120 animals from a backyard butcher in Montgomery, NY.  These poor animals were kept in horrendous conditions — crammed in barns with little food and living space.  Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took in 5 sheep, 6 pigs and 9 goats, who were by far the sickest of all those we rescued.  Most of the goats had pneumonia, lice, and worms and little did we know, a few were also pregnant.

Hallie, Raymond & Todd

Hallie and Raymond climbing on Caregiver Todd

Beautiful mother Tova came to us from this rescue and initially tested positive for pregnancy, but tested negative a few weeks later.  False pregnancies are very common among goats so when her second test came up negative, we thought she had a false pregnancy.  Three months after the rescue, a long-time volunteer ran over to our medical barn exclaiming that Tova was in labor.  By the time the caregivers arrived at the scene, sweet baby Hallie (brown) was already born and her brother Raymond (white) was on his way.  They were the first pair of the 10 baby goats born from the backyard butcher case.


Tova, Hallie, and Raymond checking out a tree as it blooms

Tova, Hallie, and Raymond checking out a tree as it blooms

goat-buttonRaymond and Hallie love bouncing on and off of everything!  Out of all of the baby goats, these two take the cake for craziest climbers.  Even though they’ve gotten quite big, they still act like the small goats they once were, still trying to hop on people’s backs without sliding off. They are the oldest and they know it.  This bold pair isn’t afraid to show who’s the boss of the Tiniest Herd.  Tova is a warm and loving mother and can now live her days in peace knowing that her babies are safe.

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