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Lucie & Tuesday

Lucie & Tuesday 2

On a bleak Saturday in the Fall of 2015, multiple sanctuaries rescued over 120 animals from a backyard butcher in Montgomery, NY.  These poor animals were kept in horrendous conditions — crammed in barns with little food and living space.  Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took in 5 sheep, 6 pigs and 9 goats, who were by far the sickest of all those we rescued.  Most of the goats had pneumonia, lice, and worms and little did we know, a few were also pregnant.


Little Lucie

Tuesday sleeping

Sweet Tuesday

Sassy the goat came to us from this rescue and initially tested positive for pregnancy, but later tested negative.  False pregnancies are very common among goats so when her second test came up negative, we thought that she had a false pregnancy.  After another goat, Tova, gave birth unexpectedly (to two healthy babies!), we took Sassy into our medical barn to get her reevaluated, along with the other 6 female goats that we rescued from the backyard butcher.  On February 7th, Sassy gave birth to two healthy babies, Tuesday (brown) and Lucie (white).

Tuesday with his sister Lucie close behind

Tuesday and his sister Lucie are extremely gregarious and love to snuggle up on people.  Tuesday will just plop his head down on your lap and take a nap, while Lucie will climb on every inch of you until she feels comfy enough to finally settle down and snuggle.  They love to spend time in the sunshine together and enjoy playing with the older and younger members of the Tiniest Herd.  Sassy is a warm and loving mother and can now live her days in peace knowing that her babies are safe.