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Pia and her twin brother, Zia, were born on a small farm in New York. Goats of their breed are often used for dairy production or exploited in petting zoos. But Pia and Zia got lucky. Someone bought them thinking that he had a good home for them, but that home didn’t want them anymore. Instead of sending them to the slaughter like millions of goats will be this year, he made the kind choice of contacting Woodstock Farm Sanctuary so the pair could be around other goats and live their life in peace.

Pia and Zia

Now, Pia loves spending time with her brother, happy to follow him around wherever he wanders, but she is always the first one to run over to visitors for snuggle time. She is a sweet and affectionate girl who will make sure to let you know when she wants you to spend time with her. Welcome home baby Pia!