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In the Fall of 2015, multiple sanctuaries rescued over 120 animals from a backyard butcher in Montgomery, NY.  These poor animals were kept in horrendous conditions — crammed in barns with little food and living space. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took in 5 sheep, 6 pigs, and 9 goats, who were by far the sickest of all those we rescued. Most of the goats had pneumonia, lice, and worms.image1 copy

Chloe the goat came to us from this rescue, sick and malnourished. We nursed her back to health and when she gave birth, we named the baby goat to honor musical artist Prince. He is the youngest of the eleven members of the Tiniest Herd.

Prince is the only singleton and though he’s still young, he looks like he’s going to grow up to be much bigger than the rest of the Tiniest Herd. Prince has an assertive personality and when he jumps into playtime with his cousins and isn’t afraid to show them who’s boss! When nap time rolls around, Prince snuggles right up to mother Chloe. We can tell that Chloe is so happy that she is able to watch her baby grow up knowing nothing but love and kindness from humans.

July 2016: We learned that Prince, Harper and Stella (Harper’s mom) had become extremely anemic from an internal parasite—so much so that Harper was in danger of not making it through the night if we didn’t take immediate action. Thanks to a blood donation from fellow goats Clover and Fern, Prince, Harper and Stella received an emergency blood transfusion and are now recovering. Read the full story here.


Prince has become quite the soccer star around the Sanctuary.