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Walter was the victim of a whim. The proprietor of a landscaping nursery thought he could pick up more business if he incorporated a petting zoo into his operation. He purchased Walter from a goat farmer, stuck him in a 5 x 7’ pen, and there he stayed—literally—for about 4 years.  He never left the pen. Other animals were purchased, too, as part of the zoo. As you can imagine, Walter’s hooves were in egregious shape from lack of activity, and he developed a condition called “hoof rot.”

Walter in Front of the Visitor CenterStaff members at the nursery contacted us about his condition, and since the owner was unwilling to pay for vet care we agreed to take Walter. We trimmed his hooves and applied a topical treatment for the rot. After just one day it helped his mobility tremendously. All his contact with people seems to have made him a friendly goat, and aside from sticking close to the barn (we think the wide, open pastures are blowing his mind) Walter fits right in.  As he ages, Walter’s joints have caused him some trouble and he can sometimes be seen wearing knee braces.