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One Friday morning, we got a phone call from a concerned woman reporting that she’d discovered a goat in her house, which isn’t too far from the Sanctuary. She was hoping we could come and help.

The goat, who the local residents were calling Willy, had reportedly jumped off of a truck months before. He had been wandering around lost, eating weeds and gardens, all summer. No one had been able to catch him.

As Willy was probably being transported for slaughter on that truck, he really saved his own life. But he was still in danger. Not everyone likes having a goat wander through their yard. He was constantly being chased and there were reports of neighbors firing shots at Willy. And with hunting season in the Hudson Valley quickly approaching, we knew that he’d be a target for everyone who traveled to the area to hunt deer.

We arrived to find Willy in the living room. Frightened by the newcomers, he began running around the house looking for an escape. With some treats and gentle coaxing, we were quickly able to get ahold of Willy and bring him to the truck for transport.

During the ride back, Todd sat in the bed of the truck with Willy and spoke softly and reassuringly to him. Gradually, Willy leaned against Todd for comfort. He already knew he was in a better place, surrounded by those who care for him.

Willy’s story is a mystery, but he is safe with us now. He’s still skittish—only used to being chased by people on the street and not being treated kindly. But we know he will learn to trust quickly, as he’s already warming up to our staff. And we know that Willy will be such a great addition to the herd when he is out of quarantine.

Any gifts at this time will help us care for him and all of our rescued farmed animals.

We already love him. Welcome, Willy, to a place where you are valued and seen as a friend, not food.