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This is Andy. For a while he was the biggest pig in the herd — now that honor goes to Patsy — but he retains his big pig personality! He loves to eat and is usually the first pig into the feeding area at mealtime where he squeals and screams like a monkey to be let into the feed area when the pigs’ meals are being prepared. Most of the time, Andy can be found in his favorite spot in our pig barn accepting kisses and belly rubs from anyone willing to give them.

Andy came from a “heritage farm” in NJ—a farm which uses old farming methods to show how settlers lived and worked. Andy was used to breed two sows on the farm. When he was two years old, the people who run the farm decided he was no longer of use, so they wanted to sell him at auction, where he would certainly go to slaughter. Luckily, a kind person who worked at the farm made it her mission to save Andy. She called WFS and Andy came to live in peace and safety here.

pig-buttonAndy is definitely an animal ambassador. He loves people and he is almost always smiling. If you see him out in the field, you can call out “Andy!” and he’ll look up and smile—unless he’s busy eating (first things first, after all).

Kneel down and look in his eyes and he’ll look right back at you like, “what good thing is coming next?” and usually he’ll be smiling.