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anne-the-goatAnne came to us in 2009 as a tiny little baby with her umbilical cord still attached and e coli in her system. She’d been left for dead at the goat meat farm where she was born — her mother had mastitis in her udders and it was too painful for Anne to nurse. We brought her back to health and she flourished, and became a bonafide trouble-maker on the farm, getting into all sorts of places she wasn’t supposed to be. Sometimes during visiting hours she found herself in “goat detention” because she was known to occasionally knock over toddlers on a tour!

We noticed in early 2012 that her knees were swelling and had her tested for C.A.E.–a terrible, incurable hereditary disease passed around on goat farms that manifests itself in terrible arthritis. As we feared, she tested positive.

We tried all sorts of things to make her as comfortable as possible, ranging from traditional and alternative therapies, surgery and cold laser and acupuncture and massage. But in the last few months at the tender age of 4 her disease was progressing to the point where she was obviously in bad pain and her quality of life had no promise of improvement. Consulting with our staff and vet, it was time to let her go. 

Anne came to us as a tiny little imp. She left us bigger than life. She was a dear friend to many and will live on in our hearts forever.

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