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Ashley-Herve (3)

Sometimes we start a day at the Sanctuary thinking it’s going to be just another day. Then we get a call…

A rooster fighting ring was getting busted and we knew we had to act quickly to try and save lives. (Otherwise known as cock-fighting, rooster fighting is an illegal, violent mutilation of chickens in which trained roosters are forced to fight to the death for wagers and entertainment.)

We left the crime scene with 26 scared and traumatized birds, all having suffered either outright abuse or neglect. These beautiful chickens spent their whole lives in fear and now picasso-buttonzthat they found sanctuary, that fear is receding. So, we are calling them The Fearless Flock. (Read more about the rescue.)

Little Ashley’s medical condition was the most serious. She showed the worst signs of abuse—an open wound from a wing injury­—and had to be immediately rushed to the vet. Now that she is safe and receiving lots of love and the specialized care she needs and deserves, Ashley is recovering and feeling much better.

Sponsor her today and you’ll help us continue to give Ashley the medical care, treatments, and food she needs for a year!