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At only four months old, this little lady named Cici bravely took her fate in her own hands when she escaped from a pig farm and ran up the road to a neighbor’s house, overcome with anxiety. Thankfully, a caring woman took her in and cared for and hid her until she called us. We were happy to take little Cici in and give her a forever home!

Cici & Sara

Cici & Sara have become close friends

Shortly after Cici arrived, we took in another little piglet named Lexi and the two quickly became best friends. The two are a playful pair — always out in their field digging around and greeting anyone who walks by.  Cici loves affection and will run up to you grunting happily when she sees you.

Back in October of 2015, we rescued another pig, Momma, with her five piglets and all of these young pigs live together happily at our pig barn. They have all become close friends and playmates and will live long, happy lives here at the sanctuary.