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Coco the Blind Chicken

Photo by Derek Goodwin

She’s our resident “office chicken” and she is one of the many loves of our lives.  Coco came to us in 2008 from a woman who had mail-ordered a box of chicks from a hatchery. She noticed that one of them seemed unable to find the feed bowl or water dish and was getting picked on. Thankfully she cared enough to isolate her until she could figure out what to do.

We had never had a blind chicken so we weren’t sure what to expect—but what we now know well is that Coco possesses a charm and ease with people that has delighted, awed and touched so many.

Coco lives the good life. She lives in the sanctuary office which is in Jenny & Doug’s (the founders) house. Able only to perceive light and dark, at night she sleeps in a cage on a perch that she manages to find and jump onto with no problem. In the morning she is let out to roam freely around the office, snooze on the dog beds, and bask in the sunshine through the windows. She finds her food and water by the sound of tapping on her dishes and remembers their placement throughout the day. She coos and sings and enjoys a good lap snuggle. In warm and dry weather, she enjoys hanging out by a curly willow tree that is surrounded by a fence for her protection and charms all those who approach her. And every day, she lays a beautiful pale green egg which our dogs enjoy with their breakfast. She is perfect to us in every way and we love our Coco dearly.

Next time you visit the farm just ask to meet her. You’ll never look at chickens the same way again!

[youtube width=480 height=390]yUCOUJcPTXw[/youtube]