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Cromwell was born at a hog farm and faced the same fate that so many other pigs face.

A place called Wynkoop Brewery in Denver bought Cromwell and 11 others for an event they created called “The Running of The Pigs.”  This event consisted of running the little piglets through the town and whoever was deemed the winner would be slaughtered and cooked for everyone to eat.

Many people in the community heard about the event and protested it. A sanctuary met with the owner and described how pigs are treated during their short lives on factory farms. The owner was so moved that he let the piglets go to a sanctuary instead.

Now about ten years old, Cromwell and his friends enjoy a peaceful life at the farm. Cromwell is a very sweet, gentle and friendly pig. One blisteringly hot August he suffered a bad heatstroke episode — these guys have been bred so much that they’re prone to something called Porcine Stress Syndrome.  But after months of special care he became even friendlier than before.

To kneel down and look in his eyes is to see kindness. Many of us think he looks much like a puppy. He always pins his ears back against his head when he sleeps in his straw bed, so he looks like he’s flying through his dreams.