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Edie was surrendered to the farm by a family who had her because of a school hatching project. Let us take this opportunity to say how much we are against these projects. Schools and teachers don’t realize that they are raising living creatures who will need proper care and a proper environment for chickens in order to survive. Schools have neither and so these birds end up being “released” in parks where they are killed or die because they cannot survive on their own. The best way to teach kids about life is to have them come and visit the birds and other animals at a sanctuary, where they can learn about how these beings really live. Now that Edie is at WFAS, she is a healthy and curious hen. These days Edie lives in the pig barn with Paco the rooster.   She makes dust baths in the straw of the pig barn, she pecks through the grass of the yard, she stretches out and sleeps in the sun—she does just what chickens most love to do.

At night, she roosts on a fence in the pig barn, above Boone the turkey. She fluffs up their feathers as the evening descends, close their eyes and listen as the pigs settle in, with the slight sound of Stanley snoring and dreaming in the straw. It’s a good life for Edie and she knows it’s a long way from a school classroom.