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Happy was one of 10 hens that arrived on January 10th, 2019 from a hoarding and neglect case in Pennsylvania. They had been rescued by the Pennsylvania SPCA a week or two prior, and they reached out to us to find placement for these girls. A member of the PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement team drove the ten hens to us, and they arrived in the afternoon on a cold winters day. They had been well fed while at the shelter for the short interim period, but they were all still very thin. Our shelter team immediately began supplementing their diets with a mash made of probiotics, minerals and vitamins, boiled eggs (with shells to give the calcium they had been depleted of), apple sauce and vegan dog food.

Happy and the other hens when they first arrived.

All ten of these hens had scaly leg mites and internal parasites when they arrived, for which they had to be treated for a couple of weeks. They were kept in an isolation stall in our Med Building for 30 days until they were all healthy, before moving into the back of our pool house where they were introduced to Jules and Vincent, two roosters who came to the Sanctuary in September 2018. These two roos really look after their new hen companions very well, waiting patiently for the hens to eat before they eat, crowing to alert the hens of any potential threats or danger, and pointing out or digging up bugs and seeds in the grass for the hens to eat.

We are so glad that Happy and the hens that arrived with her will get to live out their natural lives in Sanctuary.