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Joey the Goat (1)

Joey was rescued as a baby from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse with his parents, Jack and Joy, who were being used to breed goats for slaughter, and Jakob. Since raising livestock in a slaughterhouse is illegal, the goats were seized once the ASPCA found out.

Jack, Joey, Joy, and Jakob lived in terrible conditions and came to us with overgrown hooves, skin issues, hoof rot, and upper respiratory problems. After arriving at the Sanctuary and being properly treated and cared for, all four goats eventually began to relax and open up to people. They were finally experiencing the love and compassion they deserved.
Since he was rescued with his parents, Joey was able to grow up and spend years together with his family—an extremely rare occurrence in the industry. Although Jack and Joy have sadly passed, Joey spends his days relaxing with his other goat friends at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

August 2016: It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the loss of our beloved Joey. Complications in his front legs had quickly diminished his ability to get around, and we watched with sadness as he was no longer able to stand up or walk around without extreme pain and difficulty. We decided it was time to make the difficult decision and let him go.

Joey spent his last minutes surrounded by his family and friends—the staff, volunteers, and interns who cared for and loved him unconditionally throughout the years. We are so heartbroken, but take comfort in knowing he lived a happy life with us at the Sanctuary and is now resting in peace with his parents, Jack and Joy. Thank you for seven wonderful years of memories, Joey. We love and miss you, and you’ll forever have a place in our hearts.