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Julie the beauty queen

AFTER: Julie is of the opinion that straw is nicer than concrete and metal!

BEFORE: A typical hog farm (photo: Farm Sanctuary)

Julie was born at a hog farm and faced the same fate that so many other female pigs face: she would be artificially impregnated and forced to churn piglets year after year while kept in confinement for most of her days until she went to slaughter.

Instead, a place called Wynkoop Brewery in Denver bought Julie and 11 others for an event they created called “The Running of The Pigs.”  This event consisted of running the little piglets through the town and whoever was deemed the winner would be slaughtered and cooked for everyone to eat.

As you can imagine, this upset and infuriated many people in the community so a local sanctuary met with the owner of the brewery and showed him footage of how pigs are treated during their short lives on factory farms and ultimately their horrible and inhumane death at a slaughterhouse.  This affected the owner of the Brewery so much that he allowed the local sanctuary to provide a loving, safe home for all of these little pigs and vowed not to have this type of event again in the future.

When that sanctuary, the wonderful Wilderness Ranch in Colorado, closed its doors in 2005, Julie and the other pigs traveled across the country to their new home here at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, where they will live out the rest of their days together in peace.

Julie at the Blessing of the Animals

At our annual Blessing of the Animals, Julie was more than curious.