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Laura sunbathing on a bright sunny day.

Laura was found in August of 2013 with her friend Ella, wandering along the banks of the Hudson River in Astoria Park, Queens.  The two kind humans who found them, suspected that Laura and Ella had been purchased from the nearby Halal Market and set free.  There are over 100 live-kill markets in the NYC area, and people are often finding escapees and others who have been bought and released to fend for themselves.

Both Laura and Ella seemed to drawn to the water but unsure what to do with it – it seemed unlikely they would survive if left to their own devices. Concerned for the ducks’ well-being, these two compassionate individuals contacted us here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and we were delighted that we had enough room to take Laura and Ella in.

Once here at the Sanctuary, Laura and Ella watched the other ducks and quickly learned how to be the aquatic birds they were born to be!  Laura prefers the shallow kiddie-pools to our pond, and spends her days preening and searching for tasty bugs.  She is curious about new humans until they are on her side of the fence, and then she falls in with the flock.  But she has warmed up to the care-giving staff who can all attest to her sweet nature.