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Marley and Lennon

Marley and Lennon after first arriving at the Sanctuary.

Lennon was rescued from a commercial turkey farm with Marley, both around just five weeks old. Because of his treatment there and being painfully debeaked, he arrived at the Sanctuary very skittish. It wasn’t long, though, until he and Marley realized they were safe from harm and became comfortable with our staff and visitors. The two like to snuggle up together in the sun on the soft green grass–something they’d never have been allowed in their short life at the factory. Here, they will be given every chance to live a long and happy life.

Marley and Lennon

Marley and Lennon goofing around together.

2015 update: Despite the love and care that we gave while he was here, Lennon passed away suddenly from a heart attack in late 2015.  Turkeys have been so selectively bred and genetically manipulated over the years that their internal organs have a hard time supporting their large size. All of our animals are on special diets and we give them the utmost care to have the best lives while here at the Sanctuary.  Lennon will be sorely missed and forever in our hearts.

Marley has since become quite close with her fellow female turkeys Beatrice, Jean, and Loren.