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This little piggy WILL NOT be going to market thanks to a caring college student who won her freedom.

Lexi piglet arrival - Matthew

Lexi’s rescuer Matthew when she first came to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Lexi was born at a small farm in New Jersey that raises pigs and other animals for meat for farm-to-table  restaurants. Matthew, a caring college student, had worked at this farm during his culinary studies to learn animal rearing and slaughter. That experience set his life on a different path as he found himself traumatized by killing animals he had cared for and grown to love.

Soon after, Matthew decided to quit culinary school and become vegetarian. When he learned that the farmer he had worked with was looking to quickly sell off a litter of piglets, he successfully talked him into giving him the runt of the litter. And for that we and Alexis (“Lexi” for short) are forever grateful!

Since Lexi was separated from her mother within days of her birth, she longed to be nurtured. We took turns with night duty so she could have the comfort of her substitute moms and pops and never feel alone or scared. She stole the hearts of everyone here and had no shortage of volunteers looking to pig-sit!


Lexi needs sponsors

Lexi has grown rapidly and is now more than ten times the size of when she first came to us!  She lives with her close friend Cici and other pig residents. Lexi still has the same energetic, friendly, and attention-loving personality that she had when she first came to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.


Curious Lex

Lexi is one of our most curious pigs

When Lexi turned one year old we had a small party for her, captured in this video:

Our youngest pigs have fun in the snow and enjoy running around with each other