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Marin was one of 60 sheep and other farmed animals seized in a large-scale neglect case in western New York.

A barn crammed with junk housed starving sheep, newborn lambs, and chickens in stalls cobbled together with pallets and scrap metal. Outside, emaciated cows stood in grassless pastures.  The animals inside and out had no access to food or water.

Neglect Case Barn

Animals were crammed in tiny pens (Source: Farm Sanctuary)

A makeshift slaughterhouse loomed nearby. The smell of death and decay filled the air.  The property owner butchered young animals in a cinder block building and in the surrounding barns and fields, he bred their parents until their bodies gave out. All the animals were emaciated, sick and riddled with parasites.

Our friends at Farm Sanctuary conducted the rescue, and we were able to take in 4 sheep: Marin, her daughter Dixie, Madeline and her son Bowie.

Now they have ample food, love, friendship and daily care from our dedicated caregivers. Marin and Dixie now enjoy their days grazing peacefully in their pasture or in the safety and comfort of their cozy barn.