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Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy had been rescued off the side of the road in North Carolina with a red stripe painted down her back — the telltale sign that she was marked for slaughter. How she escaped, we do not know, but an awesome woman named Valerie (who happend to be a wildlife rehabilitator and cat rescuer) scooped her up and kept her in suburban Long Island in a large pen her husband Eric built. Miss Piggy was very well cared for, but now 2 years old and fully-grown she needed more room to be a pig.

In March, 2010, she came to our sanctuary.  At first she was rather intimidated by the other pigs, but soon she learned her place in the herd and gets along well enough.  She’s still a little shy with the other pigs, but she loves people.  Her “parents” Eric and Valerie come almost every weekend to see her, bringing New York bagels and other treats!

Miss Piggy as a young ‘un

2016 Update

Pigs have been so selectively bred over the years to grow so big that their internal organs have a hard time supporting their size.  Despite her special diet and extensive care, Miss Piggy had trouble walking as she got older and became very ill.  Miss Piggy passed away in April of 2016.  She will live on forever in our hearts.