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Patsy is a remarkable and soulful sheep. She was born at a sanctuary in Pennsylvania. When that sanctuary closed, Patsy and her sister and mom came to live at WFAS. Patsy and her family, Celia and Ray Ray would spend long afternoons grazing in the field and warm nights in the barn, with all of the clean water and hay and sheep minerals they needed. After a while, Ray Ray died. And then Celia followed.

Patsy is the last of her sheep clan, but she’s made people her extended family. Kneel down in the hay by the sheep and Patsy will come over to you and look at you with her beautiful greenish eyes. She’ll put her soft, white and gray and light brown nose by you. To look in her eyes and stroke the fur along her nose is to know peace. To stop petting her, is to know what it’s like to get pawed on the leg by the hoof of a sheep. She doesn’t want you to stop paying attention to her and petting her—she pretty much never does, until she decides she’s hungry and wants to eat hay.

Come into the sheep barn and you’ll know Patsy by her sweet, beautiful face, her wool on her head that somehow always sort of stands up like a dreadlocked crown and the way she’ll approach you gingerly at first, but then more demandingly, for pets.

UPDATE: Patsy passed away in the Spring of 2010 of natural causes at the age of 14, one of the oldest sheep our vet had ever seen.