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Picasso as a chick.

Picasso as a chick.

A young child ran up to his mother and showed her the gift he’d just won at a church raffle: a newborn chick dyed blue.  Thousands of blue, pink, and green chicks are sold and raffled off every spring as Easter novelty items.  They either have dye injected into their eggs or are sprayed with it after hatching.  These babies never meet their mothers, which is a tragedy because hens are such loving and devoted moms.  Many end up as “pets” for children who can’t care for them properly.

Most of the chicks die quickly after being purchased, so it is also a traumatic experience for the child, too.  Fortunately the boy’s mother knew this little chick deserved better, and she called us to ask us for help.  We were happy to be able to take him in.
The blue dye wore-off over time but this temporary tint of blue reminded us of Picasso’s blue period – and the name stuck!  Picasso is an absolute love – preferring to be near (or on!) a human whenever possible.  He is also quite the talker, when you enter his pen, you can hear him happily cooing away!