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Rod, one of our most handsome residents, came in January 2008 after a woman found a thin, very hungry chicken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She thought he was a hen so she named him Maggie May. After a few weeks here, and no sign of eggs, he started emitting a pubescent-sounding crow and we found out that Maggie May was really a rooster — so he became Rod after Rod Stewart’s hit song. For the next four years, Rod was the main roo in the layer breed flock, making sure his girls ate first and watching over them.

As a super-friendly rooster he is a fantastic way to introduce visitors to the true individuality of chickens.  He always comes up to greet you, doesn’t mind being picked up and pet, and he has a funky quirk where he likes to “get amorous” with your shoe.

Over the winter of 2011-2012 Rod fell ill for a while with an arthritic-like condition, so our staff placed him in the medical building to recover.  Now improved but still not quite his former glorious self, Rod lives in “semi-retirement” with his best friends Isabella and Bobbi in their own little pad.