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Little Seth was picked up by an Animal Control Officer in Queens in early November, 2011, and brought to the Animal Care & Control of NYC. He was sick with diarrhea and a runny nose and was probably scared to death. We have absolutely no idea how he came to be in Queens but there are close to 100 live meat-markets throughout NYC so our guess is that he escaped from one of them.

When he arrived here at the sanctuary, he was initially too frightened to leave his crate. After coaxing him out he immediately ran over to the grass where he began grazing – probably the first time in a while for him. He had been well cared for at the AC&C but his pen was indoors so he went at the grass with gusto.  We’re so happy to be able to help this little boy who should have still been with his mother. We do our best to be the next best thing.goat-button

We named him after our good friend, WFS supporter, talented musician and co-owner (with his lovely wife Jenn Branitz) of the fabulous and all vegan Karma Road Organic Cafe in New Paltz, Seth Branitz (Seth Davis for his music).