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Photo by Derek Goodwin

Teddy is a very cute Pekin duck who was found on the side of the FDR highway in NYC by a loving family who wanted him to find sanctuary.

We’re not sure how he ended up there but, sadly, people often misguidedly purchase ducklings and other baby animals at pet or agricultural supply stores for holiday gifts. Over 90% of these babies are abandoned after the initial kick of the gift has worn off and the realization settles in that such animals have unique needs.  This was likely the case for Teddy.

duck-buttonTeddy has bonded with the lovely Quincy, a female Pekin duck who was also abandoned in the City.  The two enjoy swimming around the duck pond together, quacking away in the sunshine. Teddy is Quincy’s loyal guardian.  He runs to put himself in front of her when strangers come too close, and lets her eat first… and they say chivalry is dead!


Tedi and Quincy flirt

Teddy and Quincy flirt