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Trudel’s Story

Trudel was found on the streets of NYC in December of 2014.  A suspected slaughter-house escapee, Trudel was spotted being swept up by a street cleaner, which possibly caused the damage to his legs and pelvis.  Volunteer-extraordinaire, Tomoko, was contacted and she cared for him for several days until he was stable enough to make the trip to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Upon arrival, Trudel weighed less than a pound and could not stand or walk due to his injuries.  Our wonderful care-giving staff, provided Trudel with physical therapy which was administered multiple times each day.  Some staff members even took Trudel home with them so he could receive additional physical therapy sessions, which he desperately needed.

Today, Trudel is walking like a champ!  He walks with confidence and purpose, especially if there is tasty morsel beckoning him from across the room.  Since his arrival, Trudel has spent most of his time in the Medical Center, but as the slippery frozen ground have yielded more welcoming conditions, he now has access to the rest of the sanctuary.