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Zoe gets acclimated to her new digs at our Sanctuary (August 2010)

Zoe arrived at WFAS depressed and she had every right to be. When a couple living in Woodstock, VT, filed for divorce, the animals living at their “hobby” sanctuary had to go. We don’t yet have all the information but many dozens of animals, most of which were pigs, were simply loaded up and transported to the nearest slaughterhouse.

Why Zoe and three other pigs were spared we’ll never know, but area sanctuaries and rescue groups cranked overtime to find safe homes for the survivors. The two younger pigs went together to another sanctuary and two older pigs – Zoe and Theodora were slated to come to WFAS. Unfortunately, just before coming to WFAS, Theodora had to be euthanized. Among other ailments, the arthritis in her hips was so severe that she could no longer stand. Poor Zoe lost her best friend, her home, and dozens of other pig friends whom she had lived with for years, just in the span of a few short weeks.

Since arriving in August, 2010, Zoe’s been a bit nervous around the other pigs and still not 100% trusting of people, either.  And based on her recent experiences, we don’t blame her.  We have her in a separate area (seen above) until she gets more acclimated–until then, she’ll be showered with love and all the spoiling she can handle. Stay tuned for more Zoe updates…!